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Comedians Fall in Love With Gweru

Comedians Carl Joshua Ncube and Nqobizitha "Q" Ncube have now found a new home away from home.

The duo that has been inseparable for some time, touring the nation since arriving from their South African gigs in March will now be holding monthly shows in the Midlands capital, Gweru.

Ncube said it was their goal to make sure that the comedy sector grows hence their stance to stage shows in all provinces.

"The comedy sector in Zimbabwe is still in its infancy but is already taking really huge strides and we are hoping to see each and every town having its own comedy festival.

"Gweru is just the pioneering beneficiary and we have already set the last Saturday of every month as the Comedy Night," explained the comedian.

Ncube revealed that they, as seniors in the business, had also taken under their wings upcoming comedians as a way of helping them sharpen their acts.

"Our tour will see us taking in an upcoming comedian or two so that they can as well get the much-needed exposure, which will certainly go a long way in developing the sector.

"There are many talented comedians around the country but at times they fail to get the platform to express their talents and we hope many are going to benefit from it," explained Ncube.

Ncube's partner in art, Q echoed his colleague's sentiments saying their shows around the country were an eye opener as it only showed that people were actually being deprived of comedy.

"The response we got from the tour, especially from Gweru is very encouraging and it actually shows that there is a bright future for the sector and performers alike.

"Because of the encouraging responses, shows in such areas will always be something to look forward to," explained Q.

The duo is set to perform at the Gweru Lions Den on April 26 and on the last Saturday of each month at the same venue.

The comedy show will also feature upcoming comedian Seb Diesel as well as other Gweru-based upcoming artistes.

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