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Econet Free Access to School

Econet offers free internet for schools and universities

A local mobile company has launched a free internet access programme for schools and universities in a move that has been described as complimenting government's e-learning programme.

In a major development that is set to boost the country's education sector, all secondary schools in Zimbabwe which have computers can now access internet services free of charge courtesy of an initiative by a local mobile phone company, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe.

Under the 'Ecozero,' also known as the 'Ecoschools Programme,' secondary and university students will access educational material on the world wide web at their institutions free of charge.

The organisation's CEO, Darlington Mandivenga said the introduction of the service is meant to support government's e-learning programme as students can access the books of their choice on the new websites.

"We are supporting the government's computerisation initiative by introducing free internet to schools and universities. This will mean students can access educational books on the internet for free and this can be done by visiting the 50 new websites and each website represents a subject area," he said.

ZRP High School head, Johannes Chingonzo, who was at the launch, said students will spend more time on the internet researching, which will in turn force teachers to also spend their time on the internet to enable them to always be ahead.

"If teachers do not advance themselves it will mean that children will be ahead of them, so the coming of the free internet will bring a positive change to the education sector," Chingonzo said.

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