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Gweru Celebrates 100 Years
Nhasi Mugweru

New City Website Launched

Gweru was formally recognised as a municipality in 1914 and it is 100 years since then. It is only fitting that events be done not only to mark the passage of time but to also give the city a time to reflect on progress made, celebrate achievements, and map a course for the future. Gweru has not had any events that bring the city together across genders, cultures, ages, professions, suburbs etc. it is in this light and the spirit of unity as a city that we plan to have centenary celebrations.


  • To celebrate past achievements as a city and community

  • To honour individuals and institutions that have contributed to life in the City of Progress

  • To bring the Gweru community together, uniting them in celebration using a series of carefully crafted events

  • To create a platform for reviews of previous plans and have the community determine what they envision for the City’s future

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