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Gweru Hospital Nurse Exams
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Students nurses who sat for their final third year examinations in March at Gweru Provincial Hospital (GPH) failed to make it with only seven out of a class 37 passing.

A source said of the seven that passed, three of them were from the previous group of 15 who had failed their exams in November last year.

A student nurse is given two chances to pass his or her final exams and those who fail after the second chance are dropped.

Gweru Hospital Superintendent, Dr Fabian Mashingaidze(in pic), confirmed the results.

He said: "What should be appreciated is that we had two groups, the first sat for their exams in November last year and 15 of them failed. They joined the group that wrote in March to bring the total number of students to 37. Only seven passed and of that number, three were from the first group. This means 12 students from the first group failed and automatically they are dropped from the course. They can no longer proceed with the nurse training course anymore."

Although the students who were dropped after failing for the second time can always reapply after some years, chances are they will never be considered, according to sources
Gweru Hospital Nurse Exams

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