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Gweru Lecturer Repairs Roads
Dumisani Ndlovu -

Gweru Lecturer Repairs Dilapidated Roads

A former Mkoba Teachers’ College lecturer Donald Peter Mpofu, has partnered with local youths to repair roads which are in a dilapidated state in his Ridgemont community.

Under the leadership of the former teacher training lecturer, the youths are repairing and filling potholes in the 600m long Philips road.

The initiative worth about $3 000, is set to be completed this month end.

Speaking to a ZimEye correspondent on Tuesday, Mpofu said the road improvement project is geared at improving the quality of life for many people in Rigdemond.

‘’After having realized the road has been neglected for quite a long time, I decided to take it upon myself. Philips road as you can see is extensively damaged, in actual fact there is no road to talk about. Travelling on these roads is a mammoth task. It is not all that easy. Some kombi drivers are now avoiding plying the routes, because the road damaged our vehicles. But for us there is no way we can avoid it because we are residents here,’’ said Mpfofu.

During the exercise, Mpofu urged the youths in other suburbs to emulate the practice in developing their respective areas.
Three more families among them Washington Mayor and Felix Mehlo, are reported to have joined the initiative.

A resident Isaac Magama said the initiative came purely from Mpofu who donated his resources and mobilised five youths from three families to join in after seeing that the road which connects the main residential area has potholes that needed to be filled to ease movement of vehicles.

He appreciated the youths for coming together and willing to engage in community work without expecting a pay in exchange.
The youth project has been successful because of the support they have received from the former tutor and three other families in the area.

Another resident who spoke on condition of anonymity said that the citizens of Ridgemont should work hard since the City council does not have money for development purposes due to government‘s austerity declaration to write of debts accrued by rate payers in the last four years.

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