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Hospital Discharges Patients
Patrick Chitumba

Gweru Hospital discharges patients over Covid-19
GWERU Provincial Hospital is now only attending to emergency cases and has discharged all admitted patients who can cope from home while Gweru City Council has with immediate effect closed all open markets due to Covid-19 threat.

Gweru Provincial Hospital superintendent Dr Fabian Mashingaidze confirmed the development yesterday saying they were committed to the fight against Covid-19.

He said they were also limiting visitors per patient to one.

The hospital has 400 beds and almost one third of patients have been discharged.

“We have discharged all admitted patients who can cope or are feeling much better than they were when they were admitted to the hospital. We will continue discharging in this fight for Covid- 19. The hospital has 400 beds and we have discharged almost one third and we will continue doing so. At the same time, we will be attending to emergency cases. We are limiting visitors per patient to one,” he said.

Dr Mashingaidze said the hospital has set up a toll-free number for Covid -19 cases.

“The toll-free number is for Covid- 19 response is 0787822276,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gweru City Council public relations and communications officer Ms Vimbai Chingwaramuse said the local authority was shutting down khothama markets.

Ms Chingwaramuse said the local authority was shutting down khothama markets.

She said council was working with the police to maintain order.

Ms Chingwaramuse said the local authority was shutting down khothama markets

She said there are over 500 vending stalls near Swift market, over 1000 at the popular Kudzanayi bus terminus and scores who are using pavements and vehicles to sell their wares.

“To avoid the spread of Covid -19, we are shutting down open markets and flea markets so as to ease decongestion and contact which may increase the rate of the spread of the virus. We have joined forces with the police,” said Mrs Chingwaramuse.

She said council was today holding a special full council to deliberate on more raft measures to manage the potential spread of the virus.

Hospital Discharges Patients

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