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Midlands Independence Day preps on course

Preparations for the 34th Independence Day celebrations in the Midlands Province are on course amid indications that the province will for the first time in five years hold an Independence Ball.
Provincial Administrator, Cecilia Chitiyo, said yesterday Midlands expected to raise $10,000 for the main celebrations to be held at the traditional venue, Mkoba Stadium in Gweru, on Friday.

Said Chitiyo: “Preparations are going on well. Farmers, the business community and some mining companies in the province have come out in full support of the national event. We have a team that went to hunt and then slaughter game. There will be lots of food and drink for everyone. We also have a varied entertainment dish lined up. Churches, schools, army and the police, among other groups, will take turns to entertainment guests. Everyone is invited.”

Members of the public are expected to start going to the stadium by 8AM.
Chitiyo said this year’s celebrations will be special since they were the first to be held after the end of the non-performing inclusive government last July.

She said the Independence Ball will be held for the first time in five years at Fair Mile Hotel.
“Companies are responding well to the ball. Tables are being taken up fast ahead of the special dinner. At the stadium, there will also be an Independent Children Quiz funded by the Youth Council,” said Chitiyo.

She said similar celebrations will be held at various venues in the province’s eight districts.

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