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MSU Model Develops Initiativ
Daily news online - Sharon Muguwu

Model develops unique charity initiative

Fashion model Rairo Chengetai Gunguwo says modelling is a game changer which can open windows of opportunities for the less-fortunate.

The 22-year-old Miss Zimbabwe hopeful, who was Miss Universities first runner-up in 2012, believes she is a classic example of the positive of impact of modelling.

“Modelling brings out more than people think, it changed my life,” Gunguwo told the Daily News on Sunday.

“Part of my prize for being first runner up in 2012 Miss Universities pageant was enrolling for a diploma in executive management. “The diploma, the politics and public management degree I will complete this year make a powerful combination.”

Thanks to the Miss Universities pageant Gunguwo was able to interact with top-notch business managers during the programme.

“I am now empowered. I was the youngest in a class dominated by business executives,” she said.

The Midlands State University student intends to use her knowledge and etiquette to empower society.

Interestingly, Gunguwo’s charity drive won’t be premised on donations of food stuffs and other essentials but rather on knowledge-sharing.

“I am focusing on grooming, deportment and etiquette.

“Initially I wanted to work with secondary schools but I have been forced to shift focus because the necessary letter of approval from the ministry of education never materialised.

“I will instead work with children’s homes from different provinces including Harare, Masvingo and Gweru.

“I started the programme in Gweru today (Saturday) with the help of Miss Gweru and by establishing contact with various children’s homes in Gweru,” said the beautiful Gunguwo.

The Miss Zimbabwe hopeful believes her unique charity programme will create lasting empowerment to those she will teach at various children’s homes.

“I really don’t want to give out food because it will run out and they will need more.

“I want to equip them with skills for life,” said Gunguwo.

“Grooming and etiquette provides knowledge that will take them far in life.

“People are drawn to those who ooze confidence and are pleasant. No one wants to relate to people who are rude.

“I am giving underprivileged children a foundation which is very important in life.

“Knowledge does not expire; I want them to know that they can be good at anything. The lessons are a confidence booster.”

Gunguwo hopes interactions with the vulnerable children will inspire other people to develop similar charity programmes.

“Most people really don’t have time for less fortunate people but these lessons aim to show that no matter what your background is, you can achieve anything in life,” she said.

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