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New Kid - Valentyne
Celebrity Check Zim

New Kid ‘Valentyne’ Takes Gweru by Storm

Midlands Music Awards, RnB segment winner Valentyn Mutandagayi is one of the industry’s new kids who are rocking Gweru at the moment. She has become a darling and an inspiration to young and upcoming artists. Though she scooped an RnB award Valentyne is flexible enough to diversify her music into so many genres.

Celebrity check caught up with the star and this is what she had to say.

CC: Who is Valentyne?

VM: I was born Valentyn Mutandagayi, and i am a Gweru based singer/song writer.

CC: When did you discover your talent?

VM: I have always had a passion for music, for me its an inborn thing …’s in my blood. However, i started pursuing it as a career in March 2013.

CC: Where do you find your inspiration?

VM: I am inspired by Zonke Dikana (S.A) and Jessie J as well as Cindy Munyavi, i also draw my inspiration from my loving and caring mother….she is the reason why i would never give up easily for she has always been there for me giving me all the protection, courage and strength to face the industry’s hardships and schedules.

CC: How many albums and singles have you worked on since you started?

VM: I have a couple of songs right now ..My first project ‘Im not afraid’ was released in 2013 . I also did a video for one of the songs called Shamwari.
Right now i’m working on an album its Afro Soul and Afro Jazz its being produced by Clive Mono Mukundu. I’m working on a couple of singles, one is Afro pop and hopefully will release it by the end of July.

CC: Amongst your songs which one do you take to be your best song?

CC: It happens to be Shamwari (laughs)…. the song really defines me

CC: Besides music what else do you do?

VM: I am a student at Midlands State University, doing economics. At the moment I’m on attachment.

CC: Congratulations for winning an award with Midlands Music Awards …how are you feeling on such an honor?

VM: i feel greatly humbled , it’s such an achievement in my career plan and i am very happy.

CC: Is this award the turning point of your career?

VM: I feel like it is….the award has exposed me as a musician and only that recognition has opened doors for me and it is pointing ahead to my successful musical journey as well as paving way for many awards (laughs) ….its a wonderfully new beginning for me.

CC: Where do you find yourself in the next five years?

VM: Hopefully i would have successfully built Valentyne Music as a brand

CC: What advise would you give someone who would like to venture into the industry?

VM: its a good thing to follow your dreams, Zim’s music industry has grown to be so competitive so they should prepare to work really hard.
New Kid - Valentyne

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