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Residents to Pay Pump Levy
Stephen Chadenga - SouthernEye Online

Gweru residents to pay pump levy

GWERU residents will this month fork out $20 pump levy per household as council makes frantic efforts to address the city’s increasing water woes.

Gweru has been facing water problems, not only because of low dam levels, but also as a result of obsolete equipment which has made pumping water difficult.

In the 2014 budget, city fathers had proposed that ratepayers fork out a once-off payment of $20 towards procurement of water pumps — a resolution the residents adopted.

Town clerk Daniel Matawu said council would charge the pump levy on water accounts this month as council seeks to acquire equipment to replace the current archaic pumps.

“The once-off pump levy of $20 per water account will be charged and reflected on statements that are to be sent to all clients in this month of April,” he said.

“Procurement of the pumps will go a long way in easing other pumping challenges and improve our general livelihoods.”

Gweru Residents and Ratepayers’ Association chairperson Cornelia Selipiwe said residents had no problems with the levy since they adopted it during the formulation of the 2014 budget last year.

“This is for the benefit of residents and ratepayers. Moreover, we agreed that it be charged once and we see no reason why not contribute in our little way towards effective service delivery,” Selipiwe said.

Gweru has over the years been grappling with obsolete water pumping equipment which has affected the city’s capacity to supply residents adequate running water.

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